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“Where’s the world going? » is a question that drives all of us, about our little personal world, that of our society but also of humanity 
“Where’s the world going? » is a broadcast that seeks to bring different points of view in order to  understand the complexity of our current and future world issues.
Experts, consultants, entrepreneurs, politicians and decision-makers of yesterday and tomorrow are invited.
Different themes are discussed
- Professional world (entrepreneurship, trade, industry, service, economy, finance, employers, trade unionism, support for leaders, organizational consulting, economic intelligence, strategy, communication, influence, development, management, etc.)
- Political world (parliamentarians, ministers, regulations, laws, government, geopolitical issues, international relations, religions, solidarity, freedoms)
- Society (health, education, association, environment, social, media)
- Anthropological, sociological, political, psychological and philosophical perspectives.



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