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What if we replaced your whys with hows? This is the raison d’etre of the Institut du Comment (IDC).


The Institut du Comment is a consulting and support agency in the professional environment that works in three sectors:

 • the world of business

 • the public sector (local authorities, administrations, companies and public institutions);

 • the world of non-profit organizations


Whatever the structure and the field of activity, the dynamics remain the same because they are based on the Human Being.


The Institute's approach is based around a culture of organizations that seeks to understand the rationale of the players, and the issues/stakes of the ecosystems.  It bets on the optimization of collective and relational engineering. 

Our team aims to create the conditions for the emergence of a process of transformation.  We can support you from two perspectives: transformation (an evolution in continuity), or change (implying the break in a vision to be worked on).  In both cases, we support you in all stages of the process, both in the inventory of fixtures, development and transition (leading management).  The word crisis, wei-ji in Chinese, is transcribed by two ideograms 危机, the first meaning danger- and the second opportunity.


The IDC must first understand the frame of reference, the operating rules, the culture, the values ​​and the norms of the workplace in order to then propose correct and strategic actions.  Assessment, intervention and relationship are consubstantial.  The assessment of a situation requires the commitment of its actors to allow a relationship of trust.


The system is then put in motion in order to test out solutions, and thus action its metamorphosis.



Maximilien Bachelart - Institut du Comment (IDC)

“For nearly twenty years I have been interested in the paradoxical and mysterious functioning of human beings. Over the course of my training and as I gained experience by exercising my profession as a liberal, in the medical, social and business sectors, I was able to appreciate how much the environment, beliefs and interactions were crucial. from a perspective of change. I had the pleasure of transmitting through various media some magic tricks of which individuals are both authors and prisoners.


Beyond the beautiful speeches, I am driven by a desire to see a difference appear, in a concrete and pragmatic way, both with individuals, couples, families and organizations that I accompany on a daily basis.


Our goal is to move away from modernist ideologies like the injunction to joy or the perpetual avoidance of conflicts that often serve to stifle real human problems. But it is also to depart from a meaningless newspeak. At the Institut du Comment we do not sell superficiality, tips and tricks, we rely on in-depth analyses, a logic of action and strategies that take into account all the actors.


Strengthened by these projects and motivated by the challenges that await us, the Institute looks forward to meeting you soon. »

Our specialists

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